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Blue's Clues Volume 2 (5 DVDs Box Set)

Blue\'s Clues Volume 2 (5 DVDs Box Set)
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Summary: Blue's Clues (1996–2007). A human host welcomes his preschool audience to the "Blue's Clues" house, where his animated puppy, Blue, helps find three clues to something they are trying to figure out. Viewers are invited to participate, with Blue and her friends stopping to listen to what the audience has to say.
Creators: Angela Santomero, Traci Paige Johnson, Todd Kessler
Stars: Steve Burns, Traci Paige Johnson, Seth O'Hickory
More Information: IMDB, Wikipedia

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DVD Video Preview:

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Total Episodes on 5 DVDs:
Blue's Clues S3 Ep24 – Prehistoric Blue
Blue's Clues S3 Ep26 – Periwinkle Misses His Friend
Blue's Clues S3 Ep29 – The Wrong Shirt
Blue's Clues S4 Ep1 – Magenta Gets Glasses
Blue's Clues S4 Ep2 – Imagine Nation
Blue's Clues S4 Ep3 – The Anything Box
Blue's Clues S4 Ep4 – Adventure!
Blue's Clues S4 Ep5 – Superfriends!
Blue's Clues S4 Ep6 – The Baby's Here! (aka Blues Big News)
Blue's Clues S4 Ep8 – What's Inside
Blue's Clues S4 Ep9 – Mr. Salt And Mrs. Pepper Day
Blue's Clues S4 Ep10 – What's New, Blue
Blue's Clues S4 Ep12 – Con Plum!
Blue's Clues S4 Ep13 – Making Changes
Blue's Clues S4 Ep14 – Something To Do Blue
Blue's Clues S4 Ep15 – Blue's Book Nook
Blue's Clues S4 Ep16 – Let's Boogie
Blue's Clues S4 Ep17 – Blocks
Blue's Clues S4 Ep18 – Blue's School
Blue's Clues S4 Ep19 – Rhyme Time
Blue's Clues S4 Ep20 – Blue's Backyard Ballgame Bonanza
Blue's Clues S4 Ep21 – Let's Plant
Blue's Clues S4 Ep22 – The Big Book About Us
Blue's Clues S4 Ep23 – Joe And Tell
Blue's Clues S4 Ep24 – Joe Gets A Clue
Blue's Clues S4 Ep25 – Steve Goes To College
Blue's Clues S4 Ep26 – The Boat Float
Blue's Clues S4 Ep27 – Puppets
Blue's Clues S4 Ep29 – The Scavenger Hunt
Blue's Clues S4 Ep30 – Can You Help
Blue's Clues S5 Ep1 – The Snack Chart
Blue's Clues S5 Ep3 – Shape Searchers
Blue's Clues S5 Ep4 – Surprise Guest
Blue's Clues S5 Ep6 – A Brand New Game
Blue's Clues S5 Ep10 – Joe's Surprise Party
Blue's Clues S5 Ep11 – Alphabet Train
Blue's Clues S5 Ep12 – Numbers Everywhere!
Blue's Clues S5 Ep14 – Bedtime Business
Blue's Clues S5 Ep18 – Magenta's Messages
Blue's Clues S5 Ep19 – Let's Write!
Blue's Clues S5 Ep21 – Look Carefully
Blue's Clues S5 Ep22 – I Did That!
Blue's Clues S5 Ep25 – Meet Polka Dots!
Blue's Clues S5 Ep26 – Our Neighborhood Festival
Blue's Clues S5 Ep27 – Morning Music
Blue's Clues S5 Ep28 – Blue Takes You To School
Blue's Clues S5 Ep29 – Blue's First Holiday
Blue's Clues S5 Ep31 – Blue's Clues 100th Episode Celebration
Blue's Clues S6 Ep1 – Love Day
Blue's Clues S6 Ep3 – Wishes
Blue's Clues S6 Ep10 – Bluestock

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Blue's Clues Volume 2 Includes Free Bonus:
4.5 hours of TV Commercials from the 1990's ($10 value)

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